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We are volunteers working in partnership with the Practice to improve patient care and encourage patients to take greater responsibility for their own health, contribute towards improving services and quality of care and improve communication between practice and patients.
MISSED APPOINTMENTS:-We need to see a reduction in the number of patients not turning up for appointments. Please make sure that the Practice have your current mobile number and your address. If in doubt please check with Reception.

join us Membership of the Patient Participation Group is open to all patients and carers of patients registered with the Practice, and we meet every two months. If you feel you can spare a few hours and you would like to join us please leave your name, telephone number or email address at reception and a PPG member will contact you.
For those patients that would like to receive information or to make suggestions or express opinions but are unable to commit to the meetings, we have “Virtual Members” who can participate using email. See the patients group page for contact details.

GDPR (Data Protection)

General Data Protection Regulation came into force on 25 May 2018. It gives all EU citizens the right to know what data is stored on them and to have it deleted, plus protect them from privacy and data breaches. Pick up a leaflet at Reception issued by the Practice headed ‘How We Use Your Information’


£6 million is wasted every year across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent on medicines that people don’t use. Those medicines are thrown away because they can’t be used by anyone else. The NHS hasn’t got this money to spare. How can you help?
• Check what medicines you have before ordering more,
• Check your bag of medicines as soon as it is given to you and hand back any you don’t need,
• Let your GP Practice or Pharmacy know if you don’t need any of your medicines.


Give us your feedback, the PPG Suggestion Box is by the Patients Group Notice Board. Join one of our groups, leave your details at reception. There is loads of local support out there, see the wide range of leaflets by the Notice Board. Check the Practice Facebook Page for promotions, information and tips.

Can we improve services? Give us your ideas, use the Suggestion Box. Have you thought of joining one of our groups or setting up a group to exchange information etc?


Did you know that you can make non urgent GP appointments and order repeat prescriptions on line?
Take a look at the Online services page on the website for more information or ask at Reception for details.




Parking Eye is up and running. The PPG fully supported the Practice with this initiative as too many people were using the parking area as a free shoppers car park to the the detriment of some patients who were unable to find a space.


Support Staffordshire operate both a voluntary transport scheme in the Staffordshire Moorlands. The voluntary car scheme involves volunteer drivers using their own car to transport people for a variety of reasons, with medical appointments taking priority. There is a charge based on the number of miles travelled. In order to use the voluntary transport scheme they need to live in the Staffordshire Moorlands and have no private transport and be unable to use public transport. All the drivers are volunteers and we are always looking for more people to join the team. Volunteers receive a mileage allowance of 45p a mile and other out-of-pocket expenses. For further information about the scheme or to inquire about becoming a volunteer driver please contact Sally Bentley, the Voluntary and Community Transport Officer on 01538 386888 or email


Patients can have a voice in the delivery of the NHS both locally and wider. We are lucky at Park Medical Centre in having a lively active PPG and clinical and administrative staff who are very supportive.
One member of the PPG has recently joined two other groups, as a patient representative (lay member), both of which have strong links with Keele University:

Midlands Therapeutics Review and Advisory Committee (MTRAC) :-
is an independent professional committee of prescribers and other key decision-makers in the use of medicines in primary care in the West Midlands region. The purpose of the Committee is to review selected pharmaceutical products to assess their clinical value, safety and suitability for use in primary care, and to support appropriate prescribing. Lay members on the committee highlight areas of concern to patients and try to ensure that patient preferences can be taken into account.
Lay Involvement in Knowledge Mobilisation (LINK) :-
this group works to increase patient knowledge and participation. The group aims to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and innovations derived from research projects into real-life healthcare practice. The LINK group made contact with your PPG when the surgery began to implement the JIGSAW project earlier in the year. You may have heard of, or benefitted from, this project which aims to deal with osteoarthritis pain through exercise and diet. The LINK group were responsible for much of the information you might have seen about the project in the surgery. LINK representatives were impressed by the active, enthusiastic PPG to be found at Park Medical Centre and asked if one of us could join them.