Telephone Advice

All requests to see, or speak to, a GP or Nurse Practitioner are to be made by completing an online triage form.  Any patient who does not have access to the internet or has difficulty will be able to contact our reception team who will complete the form on the patients behalf. 

Please see our Online Triage page for further information.

There is also a list of useful contact numbers to be found by following this link – Useful Numbers.

Test Results can be obtained by completing an Online Triage form. Further information can be found on our Online Triage page.

Home visits are for those who are housebound or too ill to come to surgery. All home visits will be triaged, and may be conducted by a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner dependent on your illness. Whenever possible we prefer to see you at the surgery. If you do not feel well enough to sit in the waiting room we can make alternative arrangements.

To request a home visit, we kindly ask that you complete an Online Triage form. In the comments box, you will be able to specify that the request is a home visit.

If you are new to the area and require to register at our Practice with one of our GPs please come into the Practice and ask at our Reception Desk. This is best done in the afternoon to ensure the admin staff have more time to go through things with you. They tend to be very busy in the mornings. If you have a medical card, please bring this with you. If your PC has a suitable spreadsheet program, why not save time by downloading the registration form and fill it in before you come.