The Practice is fully computerised and all your medical records are held on the computer.

We may also need to share information with the Health Authority, Hospitals and other NHS bodies to provide your care.

For more information on how we treat your information, take a look at our Privacy Information Notice showing how we conform to the latest GDPR rules.

We are supporting vital coronavirus (COVID-19) planning and research by sharing your data with NHS Digital. Further information can be found here General Practice Transparency Notice for GPES Data for Pandemic Planning and Research COVID-19

The Practice is both a research and training Practice. We train medical students and provide research information to Keele University. We feel that this is essential for the care of our patients and to help improve NHS services.

From time to time GPs in this Practice may contact you about being involved in research with Keele University or the Medical Research Council.

Whether or not you take part is entirely up to you, and the decision you take will not affect your care in this Practice in any way.

If you have any questions or wish to be excluded from this list, please contact Matthew Berry, Business Manager on 01538 399007 or by email.