Park Medical Centre

Before we became ‘Park Medical Centre’ we were two separate practices working for a while in the same building.

The two practices, the ‘John Kelso Practice’ and the ‘Stockwell Surgery’, were merged in October 2012 to form what you see now but it soon became clear that the building and carpark was not going to be big enough to support this for long.

So, plans were put in place to turn it into the present building that we have today and in July 2014 The Park Medical Centre went through a major extension and refurbishment to improve our consulting rooms, waiting areas and car parking facilities.

The GP Partners of Park Medical Centre operate as a Partnership (which is not limited).

Also, the introduction of Lloyds Pharmacy has given patients the added convenience of an on-site pharmacy.
Below is the history of the two practices.

The practice was named after the father (Dr Kelso Watson) and uncle (Dr John Watson) of Dr Stewart Watson, who was one of the three doctors working in the practice in the 1980s.

There were two other GPs working in the practice at that time: Dr Alan Thorburn and Dr Cappil Joseph. Dr Mark Porcheret joined the practice in 1984 when Dr Thorburn retired.

The practice moved into the Park Medical Centre in 1986 having previously occupied the old stables of the end house on Bath Street.

After the move into the Medical Centre, the practice expanded greatly. From three GPs, one nurse and no manager in 1986, by 2012 the practice had seven GPs, one nurse practitioner, two nurses, one healthcare support worker, one practice manager, two deputy managers, 8 receptionists, 3 administration clerks, and 2 Secretaries.

The Stockwell Practice was an old established practice originally based on Stockwell Street.

A single handed GP Dr Alfred Lawson was joined by Dr Jimmy Elsdon six months before the NHS was formed in 1948. Dr Clive Rowley and Dr Elsdon’s son Simon joined the practice in the 1970s. In 1986 they moved to the Park Medical Centre with just 2 GPs, 1 Practice Nurse who only worked morning surgeries and 3 part time Receptionists.

Dr Alyson Rees joined the partnership later that year. Since then Dr Matthew Stephenson, Dr Matthew Taylor and the late Dr Keith Barrow had been Partners together with Dr Paul Bromley who retired in September 2012.

Over the years the Practice Team grew to include: 2 GPs, 1 Practice Manager, 1 Reception Manager, 2 Nurse Practitioners, 1 Practice Nurse, 2 Health Practitioners, 6 Receptionists and 1 Secretary.